LCNTDR brings together leading experts to tackle diseases which affect the lives of over 1.7 billion of the poorest people across the globe.

LCNTDR came to us with a site which while serving them well for a number of years, needed a refresh to bring it up to speed with modern design and functionality expectations. Rebuilding the site with Remora meant that LCNTDR had the flexibility to promote projects and publications in a visually pleasing layout with images, rather than a list of text hyperlinks.

The website also needed to work well on any device – phones and tablets are now treated as equals to the desktop version rather than a “nice to have”.

Our approach

The LCNTDR member institutions house leading NTD experts with a wide range of specialties, making the Centre a valuable resource for cross-sectoral research and collaboration.

To aid this collaboration, the home page gives prominent retail space to the NTD research directory, allowing the user to search for researchers and projects directly, or based on an area of interest – location, speciality or disease.

Since their inception in 2013, LCNTDR has seen incredible advances in the areas of advocacy, funding, and drug donation – NTDs are less neglected than ever before and the goal of eliminating them is becoming more feasible.

We’re delighted to see the progress LCNTDR are contributing to by providing evidence-based research to ensure that collaborations, drug donations and investments have the maximum impact on the health of infected people.