As standard, Remora comes with a wide-range of features

Customise your home page

A comprehensive set of features gives you the freedom and power to update the layout of your website to keep it looking fresh and reflect your  progress and research outputs.

Slideshows, image galleries, a feed of your latest news or a list of your current projects – choose from a wide range of ‘nuggets’ to decide what you would like on your home page.

Multi-purpose content page template

Flexibility is core to remora, making it easy for you to configure them to display your content for maximum impact, such as research projects or country pages with relevant feeds of resources, publications and news.


Disseminate your research publications using the custom content template, which provides separate fields for each part of the citation.

Choose the PubMed ID add-on to import your data from PubMed – either one publication at a time, or in bulk.


Technical guides and reports, policy and research updates or articles, and more can easily be added  to your website using the flexible resource content type.

The resources landing page will have an elegant search to allow users to refine their selection by interest on subject, date, or author. Configure Remora how you need it to work for you.

News & Events

These sections of your site are likely to be updated the most frequently. 

Share your latest updates and upcoming events to keep your audiences up-to-date and informed.

Interactive world map

Highlight the countries in the world by adding an interactive map with click through to country pages where you work.

People and teams

Global health organisations have multiple people and teams working to make a difference.

Add pages for your secretariat, scientific  steering committees and governance structures. Add additional information for each person by creating individual person profiles.

Partners and organisations

Global health issues aren’t solved in silos – use your site to help forge those important relationships and display your funders, partners and collaborators.

Solid codebase

Our team of experienced developers have poured their hearts and souls into making an exceptional and reliable website template. Remora is built on the Drupal (version 7) Content Management System.

Drupal is a leading fully featured open source content management system which is being used on over 1.2 million websites. Drupal is the preferred solution to power nearly all the websites and web applications created by Manta Ray. We believe it provides the best balance of features, ease of use, ability to customise and add new features and is an excellent choice for your new website.

Drupal has a powerful and extensible templating system, which allows a high level of control over the look of your site, with the ability to upload and manage many different data types. New features and extensions are constantly added to the core system, with many more plug-in modules being made available and supported by the highly active community at drupal.org.


All remora websites use a common platform comprising a shared hosting and a core code base.

Remora will continue to evolve and improve as we add new features and functionality. As such, your website will benefit from any new features or enhancements that are added to the core code base.


Design is an emotive issue during any web design process. Remora is a flexible template that allows the content to be configured in several layouts but the presentation/design of the layouts is mostly limited to colours and fonts.

Included in Remora as standard, you will receive 2 days of Manta Ray design time, when we can customise the look of your site to ensure it stays on-brand.