The Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research (CEIDR)

Accelerating solutions for existing and emerging infections

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Urgent needs

 Among the many pressing concerns to the global health community is the need to develop new antimicrobials, and solutions for existing and emerging infections.

To address these issues, LSTM and the University of Liverpool have pooled resources and expertise to create CEIDR, with a mission to accelerate progress toward developing products to help those who need them most.

New approaches

 Just as CEIDR came into being from a need for new approaches to address challenges, our Remora website template is our innovative approach to the challenges faced by our global health clients: creating a great looking site, with a short lead time.

We’re delighted that our first Remora launch associates us with the lofty aims of CEIDR, and are looking foward to watching the site break news of the progress CEIDR will undoubtedly make.

New spaces

CEIDR’s physical home will be the Liverpool Life Sciences Accelerator building, a fitting setting for some of the world’s most influential players in science and health. With its clean design and flexible CMS providing the platform for CEIDR to promote their work, we hope that their Remora site provides an equally apt virtual home.