Bova Network

Preventing vector-borne diseases through improving the built environment.

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BOVA recognise that improvement of the built environment can play a role in controlling vector-borne diseases.

The BOVA network seeks to connect experts in the built environment (architects, urban planners, etc) in contact with vector borne disease experts and epidemiologists.

BOVA will do this by providing small-scale funding for research in this field, particularly among African scientists.

BOVA came to us with a need for a website that could promote the funding opportunities they provide, allow relevant experts to join the BOVA network, and provide a repository of resources on the link between vector borne disease and quality of the built environment.

Our approach

Another important requirement was a content management system that was simple to use, so the site can evolve along with the BOVA Network.

Our Remora platform was an obvious fit – the BOVA website has a clean look, and is kept up-to-date thanks to a friendly editing experience. The site easily hosts the resources and copy on the issue the BOVA Network address, and makes it easy for those interested in gaining access to funding and sharing their expertise across multiple disciplines.

We wish BOVA every success in their aims to improve the health of millions of people living in sub-Saharan Africa, and we hope we’ve provided a solid platform from which they can grow.